5 Functional Home Decors Ideas to Change the Look & Feel of your Home

Looking for inspiration to redecorate your house? Don’t look any further as we’ve got you covered with some exciting ideas to make your house feel as good as new. Let’s have a look at some exciting home decor options:

Make Use of Lighting

Good lighting can make or break the look of any room. Lighting can help set the mood, illuminate statement pieces and accent walls, increase safety and make working easier. When it comes to lighting your home, there are three layers to take care of: Task-focused lighting such as under cabinet lighting, accent lighting to highlight certain elements of the house and ambient lighting which illuminates your overall space. Combining these layers can create fantastic looks, and effectively bring dimensions to any space. While focusing on the lights inside, don’t forget to fix the lighting outside. Proper lighting can make outdoor spaces much better and brighter.

Declutter Your Home

The organization is the key to a well-decorated house. Whether its target specific storage tasks, or a complete cleanup mission, don’t skip out on it. Most of the times, homes are just messing with a lot of unattractive things ruining the picture. Hide all the ugly wiring by placing the furniture in front of it. Store all jars in the kitchen inside a junk drawer to create more space. Rather than dumping stuff on a living room table, assign specific spaces for specific items. Stick a pretty fabric around your sink to hide plumbing underneath.

Bring in the Greens

Indoor plants and flowers bring a fresh breath of air in the house. Bringing nature into your home is an easy way to energize your house. Apart from plants, natural textures like wood and stone are sophisticated ways of decorating your home. Whether it’s a simple studio or luxurious apartments such as the likes of Lodha Group, greens are bound to add beauty to your home.

Decorate with Colour

Most of the time, all a room needs is a color makeover. Each color has a personality. Some colors can make space bigger, while some make it look too cramped. Shades like a daffodil, petal pinks, hyacinth, and lilac are softer on the eye and are good for creating comfortable vibes in the house. Neutral colors like champagne, clay, olive green, charcoal or caramel are perfect for creating dimensions in a space. Pair them up with the contrasting color to add dimensions to space. Add accents with bold colors of deep red, navy, purple, or tangerine. Stick to one palette and experiment with varying shades of accent color throughout the house to make it interesting. If you find solid colored walls boring, experiment with different patterns like stripes and buffalo checks for accent walls.

Accessorize Your Space

A fun way to change the look of any space is by accessorizing it. Curate different pieces from varying backgrounds to bring more personality to the house. Mixing older collected pieces with modern art is a fun way to add sophistication and character to your home. The result looks gorgeous and makes your house a well-thought-out space. Play with mirrors to make the space bigger and brighter, as mirrors reflect light. Statement furniture, framed pictures, throw blankets and pillows, textured rugs – all of these add to make your house look yours. Personalize it as much as you can and have a beautifully decorated home.


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